Most Popular Garments Guide: 12 Elegant Pieces for 2024!


Most Popular Garments Guide - 12 Elegant Pieces for 2024!

Fashionable clothing does not just serve as stylish clothing; it also connotes the personality of every individual. It reflects our culture, traditions, and even our likes and dislikes. This year, many fashion trends have yet. In this article, we’ve curated the 16 most popular garments tips in 2024 to make it easier for you to choose. What are you waiting for? Explore the following!


Most Popular Garments Guide: 12 Elegant Pieces for 2024!

High-fashion fringe

High-fashion fringe has returned triumphantly to the spotlight, gracing the runways of esteemed designers such as Prada, Jil Sander, Dior, Alexander McQueen, Burberry, and Gucci. While “boho” may evoke memories of past trends, fringe is experiencing a resurgence in high fashion. At Prada, it was delicately layered atop short shorts, while at Jil Sander, it mimicked the appearance of feathers. Meanwhile, Gucci added a touch of glamour by incorporating fringe into a burgundy skirt. It’s time to dust off those fringed jackets tucked away in storage or start a new collection.

  • Free People Fringe Out Denim Jacket: $148
  • Banana Republic Pietra Fringe Bucket Bag: $320 $255
  • Farm Rio and Anthropologie collaborate on a stunning One-Shoulder A-Line Fringe Mini Dress priced at $248.
  • Zara Fringed Leather Skirt: $299

Rich Burgundy

Rich burgundy emerges as a dominant colour trend for the spring season, following the bold presence of red during the previous fall and winter. Appearing in various shades from maroon to oxblood, this moodier rendition of red graced countless runways, signalling its resurgence in fashion. Brands like Bottega Veneta, Gucci, and Valentino showcased the versatility of burgundy through tonal outfits, inspiring many styling possibilities. Whether you opt for a statement piece like a maroon dress or seamlessly incorporate burgundy into your ensemble with a cardigan, designer bag, or pair of loafers, there are endless ways to embrace this rich hue.

  • Dress the Population Tiffany Dress: $148 $118
  • Everlane Ribbed Cropped Cardigan: $128 $90
  • Tory Burch McGraw Camera Bag: $298
  • The Madewell x G.H.BASS Mary Jane Lug Weejuns Loafers are available for $195.


Girlcore is making a significant splash in the fashion scene, with designers embracing bows, rosettes, ruffles, and lace. This whimsical aesthetic, reminiscent of ballet practice attire, has been affectionately termed “girlcore.” Thanks to influential names like Simone Rocha, Carolina Herrera, and Moschino, it’s now easier to channel this enchanting style. Embrace the trend by styling your favourite romantic dress or flouncy skirt with a floral choker and a delicate hair bow for a look that’s sure to turn heads. Remember, in the world of girlcore, more is more.

  • Reformation Buchanan Dress: $278
  • Cuizhiyu Flower Choker Necklaces: $14
  • Wilfred Raval Skirt: $150
  • For Love & Lemons Rosalyn Maxi Dress: $315

Most Popular Garments Guide - 12 Elegant Pieces for 2024!

Athletic Prep

Athletic prep is back in full force as one of the standout trends of 2024 fashion. Inspired by Miu Miu’s celebrated runways, which have been captivating audiences with their hyper-popular designs, this trend has been gaining momentum. From micro-mini pleated skirts to this season’s Gossip Girl–esque collection, designers are reimagining prep-school classics with a modern twist. Polo shirts, track jackets, and button-down shirts are updated with a fresh attitude, offering a nod to the timeless preppy aesthetic. Embrace this trend by pairing your favourite pieces with upbeat tunes and channelling the spirit of enrolling at Yale.

  • Free People Track in Action Jacket: $198
  • Tna Essex Polo Sweater: $88
  • Buck Mason Surplus Rib Tank: $45
  • English Factory Colorblock Shirt Dress: $120

Statement Belts

Statement belts are staging a remarkable comeback in the fashion scene, surprising even the most seasoned trend-watchers. After spending about a decade in fashion oblivion, they’ve made a triumphant return this season, gracing the runways of esteemed designers like Ferragamo and Tom Ford. This revival proves that a good outfit can be elevated to greatness with the addition of a striking accessory. Whether paired with a dress or wide-leg jeans, statement belts add a touch of flair to any ensemble, making them a must-have for those looking to make a style statement.

  • Banana Republic Leather Corset Waist Belt: $150 $90
  • Madewell Woven Leather Belt: $58
  • Boden Iris Snaffle-Trim Leather Belt: $70
  • Zara Wide Leather Belt: $40

Animal prints

Animal prints are staging a triumphant comeback, evoking a sense of timeless allure with a contemporary twist. Leopard print, in particular, is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, capturing the attention of street-style influencers and fashion enthusiasts alike. This trend, often attributed to the “mob-wife effect,” shows no signs of slowing down. For those looking to embark on a style safari, there are plenty of options beyond leopard print. Experiment with tiger print, as seen in Ganni and Ulla Johnson collections, or embrace giraffe and peacock prints for a bold statement. While animal patterns are easily incorporated into accessories like Boden’s Mary Jane flats or Free People’s claw clip, please don’t avoid incorporating them into skirts, dresses, and pants.

  • Boden Mary Jane Flats: $160
  • H&M Wide-Cut Pull-on Pants: $18
  • Free People Star of the Show Mini Claw Clip: $8
  • Soowalaoo Women’s Leopard-Print Midi-Skirt: $29


Sky Blue

The prediction suggests clear skies ahead, and fashion follows suit with a wave of sky-blue hues, as seen on the runways of Bottega Veneta, Staud, and many others. This serene shade effortlessly integrates into your spring wardrobe, offering endless styling possibilities. Whether you opt for a monochromatic ensemble with an azure dress and matching shoes or add a touch of blue with a chic handbag, sky blue is the perfect choice for bringing a refreshing pop of colour to your look.

  • H&M Linen-Blend Shirt: $20
  • AllSaints Stevie Crop Cotton Rib T-Shirt: $55
  • JW Pei Joy Shoulder Bag: $90
  • Jessica Smocked Flowy Midi-Dress: $59 $49

Disco Fever

Disco fever is back with a vengeance, as showcased by Ralph Lauren’s Halston-inspired lamé gowns and Rabanne’s shimmering ensembles. This season’s runways were sparkly, from sequined separates at Kate Spade to metallic fabrics at Gucci. Embrace your inner Studio 54 starlet by indulging in paillettes, rhinestones, and metallics, or take a cue from Gucci and 16Arlington and pair your glitzy pieces with understated staples like jeans, leather pants, or sweaters.

  • Reformation Bevelyn Dress: $328
  • J.Crew Collection Layered Sequin Tank Top: $168
  • Mango Sequined Strap Top: $50 $20
  • Abercrombie & Fitch Vegan-Leather ’90s Relaxed Pants: $110

Peep-Toe Sandals

Peep-toe sandals took the spotlight on this season’s runways, with designers like Tory Burch and Louis Vuitton showcasing a variety of styles, from classic pumps to chic thong sandals. It’s clear: you’ll want to keep your pedicure game strong this spring to rock these trendy footwear options.

  • Vince Ellis Sandals: $295
  • Dansko Ravyn Sandals: $140
  • FP Collection Mila Minimal Flat Sandals: $98
  • Madewell Kym Cutout Sandals: $110

Most Popular Garments Guide - 12 Elegant Pieces for 2024!

Elevated Essentials

The concept of “stealth wealth” remains a powerful force, but it’s evolving in the upcoming year. Drawing inspiration from ’90s icons like Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, known for her understated yet glamorous style, simplicity with a touch of luxury is gaining momentum. Vogue contributor Jenny Walton predicts a shift towards an ’80s and ’90s aesthetic, emphasizing minimalist and chic attire. Think high-waisted jeans paired with classic long-sleeve T-shirts, embodying a restrained elegance that’s both timeless and sophisticated.

  • J.Crew Long-Sleeve T-Shirt: $50
  • Abercrombie & Fitch High Rise ’90s Relaxed Jean: $68 (on sale)
  • J.Crew New Icon Trench: $200 (on sale)
  • Madewell With-a-Twist Shirt: $50 (on sale)

Sheer Layer

The sheer layering trend continues to make waves in the fashion world, as evidenced by the abundance of see-through clothing showcased on recent runways. Designers like Dior, Chanel, and Prada have embraced this trend, demonstrating its versatility and appeal. From delicate layering tops to dresses with sheer skirts, the options for incorporating sheer fabrics into your wardrobe are endless. This trend allows for playful experimentation with transparency, infusing an air of mystery and refinement to any ensemble.

This dress seamlessly merges comfort with style for those hesitant to fully embrace the sheer trend. Consider opting for a layering top with sheer lace detailing, providing a glimpse of skin without baring it all. Alternatively, a dress with a sheer skirt offers a graceful and ethereal look, perfect for casual and formal occasions. Transparent socks are another subtle nod to the trend, adding a hint of whimsy to any ensemble.

Sheer layering adds visual interest to your outfits and allows creative styling. Experiment with layering different sheer pieces together or pairing them with contrasting textures for a dynamic look. Whether you prefer a romantic aesthetic or a more modern edge, sheer fabrics offer endless self-expression and fashion experimentation opportunities.

’80s-Inspired Fashion

The latest fashion runways are reminiscent of the bold and extravagant style of the 1980s, with designers like Moschino, Luar, and Louis Vuitton showcasing dramatic displays of self-expression. From Moschino’s sleek and sultry looks to Luar’s nods to Grace Jones and Louis Vuitton’s tribute to materialism, the spirit of the ’80s is alive and well. Embracing this trend doesn’t require raiding your grandmother’s closet; instead, opt for oversized shades, tweed blazers, and cap-toe slingbacks to infuse your current wardrobe with the same over-the-top attitude.

Elevate your style with pieces that capture the essence of ’80s excess. A tweed blazer, like the Sam Edelman Ramona Tweed Blazer, adds a hint of sophistication and retro charm to any ensemble. Complete the look with chic cap-toe slingbacks, such as the Veronica Beard Cecile Slingbacks, for a nod to classic ’80s footwear. Remember oversized sunglasses to channel the iconic glamour of the era, like the Ferragamo Rectangular Sunglasses, adding a bold finishing touch to your ensemble.

For a modern take on ’80s-inspired fashion, consider incorporating versatile pieces like the Boden Abigail Jersey Dress into your wardrobe. 

This dress matches comfort and style with its timeless silhouette, perfect for casual and dressier occasions. Whether channelling the spirit of the ’80s with bold prints and vibrant colours or opting for subtle nods to the era, embrace this iconic decade’s daring and eclectic fashion with confidence and flair.



High-fashion fringe has made a remarkable comeback, dominating runways from Prada to Gucci and redefining contemporary trends. Reflecting the exuberant spirit of the ’80s, fringe adds drama to any ensemble, transforming it into a versatile statement piece within the fashion realm of fashion enthusiasts. Whether delicately layered atop short shorts or mimicking the appearance of feathers, fringe offers endless possibilities for expressing individual style. Embrace this trend by incorporating oversized shades, tweed blazers, and cap-toe slingbacks into your wardrobe, channelling the over-the-top attitude of the era. From Free People’s Fringe Out Denim Jacket to Banana Republic’s Pietra Fringe Bucket Bag, indulge in the allure of fringe to elevate your fashion game and make a bold style statement.

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