Must-Buy Polo Shirts For Men This 2023


Even though fashion can be quite cyclical, certain menswear essentials have earned their place in history simply by withstanding the test of time. These items have demonstrated that they are authentic classics even though the seasons change and fashion trends come and go. It would be best if you never discounted the possibility of wearing a polo shirt.


The best polo shirts for men incorporate contemporary design elements, such as improved or more comfortable fabric compared to traditional polo shirts, a better fit, or more excellent colours; however, they do so while remaining faithful to the style’s origins. Polo shirts are ubiquitous in today’s society; you can find people wearing them just on links, back at the locker room, on the runways, at a happy hour held on a breezy back patio, and hopefully in your closet. These are the top polo shirts for men that are currently available to buy.


Proof 72-Hour Merino Polo

Doesn’t being the best set a high bar? We looked for polos with comfortable, durable fabric, classic colours, and a good balance of quality and price. Merino fabric in Proof’s 72-Hour Polo makes it stand out. Huckberry’s in-house brand took the preppy polo shirt into the unfamiliar, utilizing anti-microbial, moisture-wicking cloth to make it a travel staple. Get them in all colours.

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J.Crew Cotton Pique Classic Polo

We recommend offering discounts on menswear essentials like the best polo shirts. Saving money isn’t everything, and the most crucial detail is accuracy. Cheap polos are immediately noticeable. We sought comfortable, versatile, smooth fabric, easy styling, and colours for every palette. J.Crew, the iconic American men’s clothing retailer, outfits every guy, regardless of polo shirt preference. They’ve made preppy styles easy to wear with casual, timeless tones such as navy with white trim.

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Sunspel Riviera Polo Shirt

When you want to spend big on a polo shirt, look to a trusted brand that knows heritage, history, and style. A reputable brand that uses high-quality materials in a timeless design is worth the investment. Our “Splurge” pick’s luxurious cotton mesh fabric, made-in-Portugal construction, and Sunspel’s classic English design were necessary. Want to know Riviera Polo’s most fantastic feature? Daniel Craig wore the official 007 polo shirt in Casino Royale.

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DUER The Only Polo

Recall your first time donning a polo shirt. It may have felt claustrophobic and awkward there. Since then, however, performance menswear experts like DUER have figured out how to bring Polo into the present day. This well-named Polo is made from durable nylon and Tencel, with soft Pima cotton for comfort. The variety of colours also allows you to wear it with almost anything, making this the last polo shirt you’ll need for a while.

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Charles Tyhrwhitt Smart Jersey Polo

Charles Tyrwhitt came through with a slightly shiny, dressy Polo appropriate for golfing and drinking margaritas on a rooftop bar. The two-button placket is a departure from the standard three- or four-button placket, making this piece more comfortable than a traditional polo and more like a T-shirt in terms of its wearability.

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