What to Wear With Combat Boots


The origin of combat boots can be traced back to ancient Roman war times. Although not as distinct and rugged looking as combat boots that we are all familiar with today, they were designed to give soldiers the advantages of grip, protection and mobility in the battlefield. These are the same preferences that soldiers seek from their military footwear even to this day. The only difference here though is that the overall design of these boots has become more radical and revolutionary, so much so that the people choose them over the distinct style they offer over their practicality.

Combat boots are a brilliant staple for every man’s wardrobe. They help create effortless looks and thanks to their versatility, create diversity in a man’s style as well. From relaxed street style to rugged looking ensembles and even smart-casual styles, combat boots have much to offer to your personal style which is exactly why you should look to incorporate the radical looks of combat boots into your personal style.

Here are some great styles that you can create using combat boots:

  • Workwear: Dark denim and combat boots are a splendid combination, just as good and natural in appearance as a dress shirt and a tie. Dark denim apparel always brings out the rugged looking style of these boots. Indigo denim jeans coupled with dark brown combat boots is an effective combination. You can create many variations of this style by changing the uppers accordingly. You can try bombers, denim jackets chore jackets and more for that classic look that began to gain popularity from the 1940s.
  • Combat Ready: Well we are not suggesting that you dress up like a soldier ready for war but combat boots were built to be worn with these apparels. Cargo trousers with their iconic pockets, utility vests worn on top of pullovers and finished with combat boots in black is a style that will fetch you loads of appreciation. It is true that this look involves going all out. But it is definitely worth the shot given just how great and distinct it looks.
  • Smart Vibes: Believe it or not, combat boots work flawlessly in a smart casual dressing situation. You would have to make slight adjustments to the way you would wear these boots of course! The classic look where your pants are tucked away inside the boots will not work for this one. Pick out trousers that can be worn over the high heels of the boots. Mens black boots with black cotton or denim trousers, a matching pullover and blazer or a trench coat will give your style loads of flair. This is a look that will work in a wide variety of settings ranging from a night out at the pub or an informal gathering with your office mates.
  • Minimal: By minimalist, we mean something that is effortless, quick and effective at the same time. This includes monochrome combinations and simple tailored trousers shirts and zipped jackets. Each one of these apparel is easy to wear. Pairing combat boots with them elevate the fashion quotient of a very simple style into something that is interesting and more noticeable.

In conclusion, combat boots are practical stylish, durable and easy to style up. Incorporate the style of combat boots into your wardrobe to create memorable styles.

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